Mother's Day Wish List

Somehow having a blog (and reading blogs) makes me feel compelled to round up gift ideas for myself, in a way that makes me feel greedy but also tremendous gratitude for all I have.

For mother's day, I really just want a pedicure and to hang with the important (local) moms in my life.  But IF I were hankering for gifts, these are some pretty good ideas:

Coloring books for grown up are all the rage.  This one reminds me of pattern coloring books we had (and loved) as kids.

I always love art to commemorate special days or events.  I'm loving the Irises from Jenny Andrews Anderson, especially this drippy black one.

(here, 15% off with code yourmom)

I'm always in the market for Design books, and while I feel like I can justify some purchases because I'm in the biz, they do cost real dollars and I need to pace myself!  I have a hankering for these:

And can't wait for Lauren Liess's Field Guide to Decorating to come out!

I am the sole coffee drinker in our house, and I have one cup every morning.  I use a pour over cone, and would love a beautiful ceramic version, like this:

With matching mug, perhaps this one:

(artist, shop seems to be down)

I've also always wanted Moroccan tea glasses since using them for actual Moroccan tea in Paris some years ago

And aren't these crochet edged napkins the sweetest?

(here.  Full disclosure: I basically have these already in all-white, but we use them regularly and we've had them for ten years, so they have seen better days!)

Okay, I'll stop now.