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“The biggest compliment I’ve received is that I create rooms with personality. Not mine: Yours.”

Hi There.

I’m Heather, the Mix Master behind the layered interiors at Heather Peterson Design. Through my collaborative approach I work with clients to translate their individual taste and lifestyle into a home that is personal, functional, and effortlessly stylish. My clients even say I’m pretty fun to work with.

I am a Columbia University-trained curator and a former photo editor for Real Simple magazine. I have produced photo shoots for major brands, edited books with major architects, and collaborated on public art installations with major artists. Today, I use my visual sensibility and sense of story to create thoughtful, immersive, and collected spaces for my clients.

My work encompasses a variety of styles which reflect my wide-ranging passions in interior design. I love the challenge of blending all of the things you love, want, and value into a cohesive design.


While every project is unique, there are some elements I consider truly transformative. Some (or all!) of these make their way into every project:

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Find your style. Take some risks.
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I tell everyone I refer to Heather that she is unlike any other designer I’ve ever met or worked with - her process, thoughtfulness, and eye truly differentiate her.
— Sara, San Francisco, CA
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