It gets worse before it gets better

That's kind of a general rule of house projects, right?  It gets worse before it gets better?
Yesterday our house was totally torn apart.  But there is something to be said for nearing the finish line.

We are choosing exterior colors (without great success)

Washing window screens

Painting bathrooms  (painting bathrooms is the worst!)

And in the midst of various wallpaper projects.

Doesn't this stripe look gorgeous in the laundry room?  Well, it might have to come down.  A couple of pieces went up upside down, creating a double stripe in a corner, and I may not be able to get more paper.


All of this means that we have spaces looking like this:

Meanwhile, I have a hacking cough and all over body aches.  The best conditions for inhaling primer fumes.

Back to it!
Heather Peterson