A knock off of un-knock-off-able chandeliers

OVer the past several years, Lynsey Adelman has become something of a design darling, creating iconic chandeliers with hand-blow glass globes and gorgeous, organic, gravity-defying shapes.  Her work has spawned many a DIY project (like this and this; she even offers a make your own kit), but they just don't stand up to the real thing.

I wouldn't have thought that anyone could knock these off, but France & Son has done it!

Pretty authentic-looking, and all around $1000.  Not cheap, no, but the real thing is upwards of $10K.

Here's the question:  with something so identifiable, would you ever be happy with a knock off?  I myself have authentic Ghost chairs and vintage eames fiberglass shell chairs, knock-offs for both of which are now readily available, so perhaps I am something of a purist?  At the same time, I have a giant Noguchi-style lantern in the dining room, which I will readily admit is from PB Teen. 

If you are into modern design but not so into the price tag, and you are down with the whole knock-off thing, France & Son has many, many items you might like to see.
Heather Peterson