When I was in New York in June, my friend Sarah suggested the Marlton Hotel for a meet up with our friends from our public art days.  Sarah is my incredibly stylish friend who is always in the know about the latest places, and the hotel's decor is fabulous-- current without feeling overly trendy.  I didn't take any photos (well, except for one of their cafe curtain construction as reference for a project--I know, nerd), but you can see tons of photos here.

The other picture I took?  This fabulous Andy Warhol-inspired wallpaper in the bathroom.
And I just found the source!  Flavor Paper offers this paper in 4 colorways as part of the Warhol Collection.  Prices are steep at $350 for a 15 foot roll, but if you're smart you will use it like the hotel's designers--above wainscoting or another half-wall.

It feels retro yet current, right?  I guess that means it's just timeless.