A while back, we went to the fabulous weekend of open studios in Northeast Minneapolis, called Art-a-Whirl.

We go because it is a fun event, but also because I want to show my girls, artists themselves, that "artist" is actually a thing one can be when one grows up.  This year, I was also on the prowl for a painting for my dining room, and generally seeking artwork for clients.

My older daughter, Clio, had given my younger daughter, Eleri, her straw hat in the morning, and everywhere we went, Eleri was getting compliments on it.  By the end of the day, I think Clio was feeling a little stung, maybe a little regretful that she had given away something that suddenly seemed to have such value.  she didn't want the hat back, exactly, but I think she wanted to feel special, too.  (Or maybe just didn't want her sister to be so special at her own expense?)

At the very end of the day, A painting called to me from across the room, and though everyone else was ready to go, I struck up a conversation with the artist, Charles Thysell.  I loved his "big heads" work, and wanted to know more about his process for creating his large-scale canvasses.

While we were talking, Eleri got yet another compliment on her style and her hat, and Clio finally blurted out "yeah, well, I GAVE it to her!"

Want to know what the artist did?

He told Clio that kindness is the way to go, that it was so nice of her to give the hat to her sister, and that generosity can pay off.  To prove it, he gave her an original drawing.  To keep.  She was over the moon, and now the drawing (which I love!) hangs right next to her bed.

I love this "pay it forward" lesson, and this random act of generosity towards my daughter.  Also doesn't hurt as a true start to her own art collection, right?

What generosity will you share this weekend?