Making my way back

I don't know what happens in June, exactly.  Somehow all the year-end activities (school field trips, dance recitals, board recruitment and elections for the board I co-chair) simply take over, and when I blink we are heading in to July, season of birthdays.I wish I was one of those laid-back people who just roll through all this, but frankly I am just high-strung enough that the dance recitals and the like really do me in.

But!  I just got a little reprieve by staying home while my fam went to visit my in-laws.  While they were gone I did some major plate-clearing, and got through this reactive phase and in to a more contemplative place.  I'm thinking about shit, yo.

One of the many projects I took on was going through stacks of tearsheets, including a folder labeled "scan for blog."  It made me think about what this should be a space for (if it should continue to be a space at all).  I ended up throwing almost all of them away, as I realized that the only content worth sharing here is my own.  My projects, my process, sources I am liking, decorating tips I find truly useful.  You don't need me reporting on trends or showing you pictures you have seen a million times elsewhere.

When I started this blog 4 years ago, I waited to hit "publish" on my first post until I knew I had plans for at least a month's worth of posts.  After this little hiatus, I did the same thing.  I have written nearly 700 posts on this blog, and before I began again, I wanted to be sure I still had more in me.

I am coming back, weekly, I think.  Maybe biweekly if I am so inspired.

I hope you will join me!

Heather Peterson