Visualizing (isn't my husband helpful?)

I am trying to be thoughtful as I complete the final projects around my house that will hopefully (oh, please, dear god!) let me feel finished.  For now.  Among other things, this means not doing things that can't be undone if I am not 99% sure that I will love it.

Case in point.

I have been wanting to give my master bedroom the canopy treatment, much like I did for this client:

This is what the room looks like now, more or less:

I like the idea that a cornice-and-curtains treatment would soften the room in lieu of panels on the windows and balance the height of the gallery wall, across from the bed.

I have left over white linen curtains that didn't get used on a project, and some yellow fabric with a small scale print that I have been dying to use again.

I should just do it up, right?


The bed wall is one of the first things you see when you come in to the house (and, for that matter, it is what you see from the street when the shades are up).  We kept the paint from the previous owner, and I don't know the color.  All of this means that if something goes up that requires putting holes in the walls, it is not coming down.  The last thing I need is to repaint this large room because I changed my mind about a little canopy and couldn't cover the holes.  (Though that sounds just like me, doesn't it?)

Enter the husband.

Not sure I like it all the way at the about lower?

But of course the mirror would still hang in front of the curtains.  How does it relate to the cornice?

Some days he is a good sport.

For today, we did not put holes in the walls.  I still like the idea, but the execution needs some thinking.  Fuller curtains?  Narrower cornice?  Valance instead?  With the high ceilings, proportion is key.

What do you think?  Should I tweak this idea or abandon it altogether?