Tweaking an art wall

When I finally tackled a staggering pile of my kids' art over break, I came across some lost treasures, and took the opportunity to make a little tweak to the office gallery wall.  There are two little collages, in white frames at the bottom, that Clio made when she was 4.  I always liked the idea of swapping out the girls' art as they grow, and I love the idea of giving their art import by placing it right alongside the work of professional artists.

Buried deep in the "to scan" pile I found a pair of watercolors inspired by Andy Warhol.  

I love the way the Tomato Soup cans fit right in to a wall filled with poster art, experiments in printmaking, and the Fred Tomaselli collage that makes use of a New York Times.

While it's nice to have some things "finished" around the place, making small changes like this keep things fresh without being disruptive, don't you think?