New Art Pour Moi

I have had such specific wish lists (and here and here) over the past few years as I decorate this house, no one has dared to go off-list all that much when it comes to gifts.  But this year, after subsidizing some house purchases as a gift in the past (like this one), my mom decided to--gasp!--give me something I didn't ask for, much less already buy myself.

And you know what?  It can be delightful when someone who knows you well gives you something they think you will like, and introduces you to new stuff in the process.

Jennifer Lashbrook is an oil painter based in Dallas who has become known for her "swatch paintings."  My parents hit up a lot of art fairs, and when they were in Arizona around Thanksgiving and saw these artworks made from paint swatches, well, they knew just who had to have one.  Or two, as it turned out.

Yes!  Those portraits are made from PAINT SWATCHES.  The originals are sold, but my parents got me signed, limited-edition prints.  Marilyn is about 8x8 and the Beatles are about 5 1/2" square, small enough to go just about anywhere, or to add to my office gallery wall.  

There are other art changes needed and/or happening.  Just when I thought the art was "Settles" it will breathe new life in here to mix it up.

P.S.  This would be an Art You Can Afford, except you can't seem to buy Jennifer's work anywhere but art fairs!