To my husband, 8 years married

To my husband:

Filler of hand soap and bike tires
Builder of headboards (and little bike riders)
Changer of filters and light bulbs and vacuum bags
Teacher of fractions and reading (and gags)
Fixer of dryers, dishwashers and computer parts
Caulker of things that need caulk (including, sometimes, my heart)

To my husband:

(Kind) ignorer of mock ups in cardboard
Steadfast and patient when things get too hard.

(Careful) avoider of design conversation
Yet greatest supporter of my inclinations

Stepper-overer of art on the floor
Sticker-arounder when my talk is a bore

(Reluctant) acceptor of seasonal bedding
Can you believe 8 years have passed since the wedding?

To my husband:

Bill payer
Software upgrader
Garden grower
Lawn mower
Bread Baker
Iced Tea maker
Cocktail shaker
Kite flyer
Tool buyer
Tie dyer
Rare crier

Joke teller
Great feller

I love you.

Happy Anniversary.
Heather Petersonmy life