Enough with the 9 year old girls!

Just kidding.  Nine year old girls are my favorite clients. (And I do hope to show you more of this soon soon soon.)

This nine year old wanted blue walls--I heard aqua, but she really did mean more of a soft teal.  I got with the program.  We're going to wallpaper the ceiling, too, I think, and make it super duper cozy.

We will repurpose an existing iron bed, and paint it black and add a little silver to the florettes.  Kinda like this.

Oh, yes.

Also, she is a swimmer, and it was really fun to think about incorporating that passion in to the art.

Look 1 has a gallery wall of wonderful swim-related prints.

Look 2 is a take on the framed-vintage-bathing suit thing, but I found a local artist who actually paints vintage bathing suits on boards.

And look 3 uses a large scale vintage-inspired print of a swimmer performing the various strokes.  You will never guess where I found that one!

Sent revisions off yesterday, can't wait to see this one come together!  Right now the room is pale pink and pale green and gingham and pottery barn kids (cute when she was three).  It will be quite a big change, don't you think?