Buying Sanity

I recently dropped a lot of bank at the Container Store.  Somehow, our walk-in pantry had gotten to a point where you could no longer walk in, and I had had it.  I was tired of the mismatched containers and the confusion of pearl barley in an old couscous bottle and the bags of pasta that seemed to slip and slide everywhere.  Tired of digging out a snack for my kids from behind, well, from behind whatever.

I did a test run with the dried fruits and nuts shelf and liked the result so much I went back for more.  As the check out guy rang up my dozens of plastic boxes (BPA free!)  we got to talking.  When I mentioned that my husband was not particularly happy about the price tag for this little project, he said two things that interested me.  First, that there is usually a less enthusiastic party in any organization project, but they always, always come around to the "after."  And second, that what I was buying was sanity.

You work in the right place, I said.

But I think there is some truth to this.  My husband has already admitted that the pantry is better.  And when I watch my 5 year old help herself to some pistachios, and then return the container to the shelf, I do feel a little more sane.

I will admit, it can be hard to divert a portion of your home budget to the "boring" functional stuff, but in the end the right storage solutions mean that clutter is held at bay, and everyone can function just a little bit better.

What do you think:  are you a Container Store junkie?  Or do you go for more of a catch as catch can approach?