What I would like to inherit


In my parents house, there is a double height living room with floor to ceiling windows, Baker furniture, Chinese antiques, a dramatic fireplace wallpapered in black wood diamonds (trust me, gorgeous), and....an enormous Christmas wreath over the mantel All.  Year.  Round.

Julian Chichester in Elle Decor, via Tokyo Jinja

In my mother's defense, the wreath is heavy, and unwieldy, and there really isn't a great place to store it the eleven non-Christmas months of the year.  Plus, she has never found just the right piece to hang above the fireplace.

Until now.

Lonny via Chinoiserie Chic

I found the most gorgeous pair of Chinese ancestral portraits at a local antique shop.  They are perfect and I love them so much I told her we should buy them together and each take one.  I was convinced of the genius of this plan and had decided who gets which and where they go and then I came to my senses around the whole price tag thing and realized I can absolutely not afford even one corner of one and will just have to convince her to buy them both and to gift them to me in her will so I can inherit them in 40 years.

Michael Smith in House Beautiful, via Chinoiserie Chic

Right?  A flawless plan.

And so I went and dug up some amazing designer rooms featuring said portraits.  

Miles Redd in Elle Decor via Tokyo Jinja

(Mom, are you reading this?)

Barrie Benson via Tokyo Jinja

Also, I think it should go without saying that if you find something awesome for a close family member, even if they pay for it, you should get first dibs should they ever want to give it up.  Don't you think?

I'll say no more.

But if you would like to know more about these portraits, I found a great deal of information on the blog Tokyo Jinja (several of these photos were found on her site.)  check it out here.