Tall headboard plus netting canopy equals bliss

In my (over-documented) girlie's room, I vascillate about going back to tall headboards with the existing "bed curtains."

Sometimes you see an image that sways you.  Hard.


Of course, it doesn't hurt that I love almost every little thing in this fabulous room.  I'll take it!  Hold the small round rug and stark black and white photo, please.

On a side note, don't you love the restraint of just one perfect accent pillow?  Unfussy perfection.

Also.  (You know I can't write such a short post, right?)  Looking back at posts of the girls room, I am having this moment where I go "what are you THINKING?  It was basically FINISHED.  TWICE."  And then I sigh, and understand my husband's point of view a little bit better.