I got a few hours of "me time" this weekend.  Is it crazy that I used it to haul out my china and have a little tabletop shoot?


Crazier still that I left the house midstream to buy flowers?  Or that I realized when I was ready to snap the pics that my camera battery was dead?

So lo and behold, bad phone pics of a lunch for no one.

Why?  Partly because I got some new plates.  You know how I was talking last week about mixing sets?  Our china is the Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Mega, largely because my husband lived in Copenhagen for a year and has been to the factory, but also because they are so gorgeous, and who doesn't love an updated classic? Here's the deal, though: at $100 a plate, we had to choose wisely.  So we chose dinner plates and salad plates and mixed in a less expensive pattern from the same company, like these little covered bowls.

And we mix in some vintage, like these white china lotus bowls (fun fact: I have three sets in three sizes.  One I bought myself, one my mother picked up for me at a vintage shop, and one belonged to my husband's grandmother.  None knew about the others)

Throw in Dave's grandmother's delicate silver, waterford water goblets to honor my Irish heritage, collected-over-the-years pieces like the shell napkin rings, and some Nate for Target clearance sale vases, and you've got yourself a real high-low eclectic personal mix.

But I digress.  None of our bowls is really an appropriate soup bowl, so when I saw these blue and white japanese-inspired bowls at West Elm on sale for about $2 a piece?  I bought ten.

When Dave and the girls came home, we had "fancy lunch," albeit on a modified china set up.