I have a client right now who calls the work we're doing "play."
As in, "why don't you pick up some extra throw pillows and we can play."

Having an overall plan for your home is an excellent idea, but you need to leave room for serendipity.  Plus, most of us can't afford to do everything we'd like to at once, and need to re-think items we have.

When I moved the orange moroccan tile rug up to the girls room,  I pulled the jute rug from the guest room and put it in the living room temporarily.  You know what?  I LOVE it.  And I was wrong: it's not too small.  Without all that strong color on the floor, there's space for color on the wall.  How about using my embroidered african tapestry as a wall hanging (like I did way back when), to hide the TV?

That wall hanging was most recently on the master bedroom bed.  How about taking the kantha quilt from the living room and using it there?

Borrowed the new leopard pillow from the guest room, too.  Love it.  Too much green?  Flip the quilt over.

Grab the striped lumbar pillow from the guest room.  And so it goes, on and on.

Fun, right?

When you buy things that speak to you, over time, you end up with a collection of things that all work together--because they all fit your aesthetic (even if you don't think you have one).  Just like colors, objects and textiles take on a new life depending on what they are paired with.

It also helps to have a whole-house color palette, even if it's loose.  Because I have the same base of colors in most rooms, most things I have can be swapped around for completely new looks.

What about you: anything "migrate" in your house recently?
Heather Peterson