Hiding the TV with large-scale art

I'm on a push to "finish" things up around here.  I came back from my work-and-blog break with a ton of new ideas, plus renewed energy to tackle some of the plans that have long been on my list.

Since lucking in to a new coffee table and painting the fireplace wall (plus new throw pillows from fabulous vintage fabric, which I have yet to blog about), the living room is getting close.  There is one glaring problem: the TV wall.

Our new construction house is wired in a way that is a dream (no cords!), but it means that the TV placement was out of my control.  With the componenet wired in to a cabinet next to the fireplace, the TV just sort of floats on the wall.

My solution?  A giant painting in a nice, deep frame, that can be propped on the wall-mount TV when we are not watching (or, perhaps more realistically, when company's coming.)  The idea is that the room will look more finished, and, perhaps, I will watch a little less TV.

I taped out the frame size on the wall and my husband built a frame the very next day.

This one gives you a better sense of scale: at 52" x 76", this thing is HUGE.

I bought some inexpensive artist's canvas at my favorite local discount warehouse for about $15.  With two painted portraits from the 1960s and a very geometric lithograph from the 70s, both incorporating some bright color, I'm picturing black, white, and gold, and most likely an abstract.  Here are my main inspirations:

Source: lonny.com via Heather on Pinterest

(It is VERY difficult to make splatter look actually effortless, so something like this last one is probably out.)

Mostly these are black and white, but black graphic shapes work on a strong hue, too.

Of course, I have also long loved giant botanical silhouettes, but again, hard to pull off an amateur version without looking, well, super amateur.

Another possibility: more of a two-color geometric, inspired by textiles, like the one over the fireplace here.

Source: lonny.com via Heather on Pinterest

It was fun to round these images up. Some are from my "art" board on pinterest, but many more were images I had pinned along the way for other reasons.

What do you think: any favorites? do you think I can pull it off?
Heather Peterson