Fireplace transformation


I have been holding out on you with the long-promised fireplace transformation.  Why?  Because I was planning one more little project for the whole fireplace wall.  But then I had a nice, sunny warm day, great for taking pictures, so I decided to show you anyway.


The before.  Yikes!  Now that it is better, I can't believe I lived with this for two years.  The fireplace insert is just so awkwardly placed, floating in the wall, with no surround or mantel--no nothing!  And my assortment of random objects placed in descending height order is not helping.

Well, all that has changed.  Witness:

It's good, right?  Here, take another look:

So what was the project?  I'm making an upholstered top for that bench which isn't really a bench but a coffee table.  My husband is VERY unhappy at the idea that people will sit on this, but I bought the thing at the flea market when I was 24 and I went ahead and pulled rank.  And then compromised with the idea of an upholstered board instead of a loose cushion--for more stability, weight evenly spread across the bench, yadda yadda practical stuff.

I'm choosing a fabric from the stacks, and thinking tealy/emerald green glazed linen.

But in the meantime, books work.  Fur throws and pillows work.

It is a dramatic change (and the very first design idea I had for this house.)  My only regret?  I should have done it sooner.  Even if it was terrible, it's just paint!