Baskets in the bathroom

Our bathrooms have no storage.  None.  Not a medicine cabinet, not a vanity cabinet, not a drawer.  (Early on, someone joked that a man clearly designed this place, but even men need a place for a deodorant and a razor, right?)

We do have very pretty, modern, square sinks with a shelf below.  With the arrival of the new World Market stores here in Minneapolis, I finally picked up baskets for the girls' bathroom.

Finally, the extra toilet paper can be stashed away, and various low-use items can be hidden from sight.  Beyond that, I love the way the chunky texture of the baskets brings some warmth and a natural element to the fairly cool, modern space.

At one point I planned to skirt these sinks (remember?), but in the end it seemed like a shame to cover up a pair of statement vanities.

The view from the hall.

Living in this house has been an interesting mix of embracing the elements that are more modern than I might have chosen, and bringing in my own eclectic spin on things.

Have you brought anything new into your home lately?  I just read somewhere that one of the cures to clutter is to not buy too many containers.  But sometimes storage solutions are just plain necessary.

Hope you have a great weekend.  We are going to see Louis CK tonight, and I can't wait: I could use a good laugh!