Occupational Hazard

I was poking around the local H&B Gallery this morning scoping out items for a couple of clients, when I spotted more than a couple of items for myself.

If only I had the funds, I would snap up this rug for my living room in half a heartbeat.  I would buy it without even opening it up--which you should never, ever, do.  (Read some tips on buying vintage, here.)  Truth is, I've been fighting my rug for two years, and this one would make everything else make sense.  It hasn't even been priced yet, but anything that requires appraisal is likely out of my price range.

I would add this little painting to the same room. I'm really into gold, have you noticed?  And love the 60s vibe.  Looks kind of like sunflowers, but a bit more sophisticated.

Over in the dining room, I would think about this lucite and brass lamp.  I'm not a huge lucite person (I LOVE it, I'm just not generally drawn to it for myself), but the scale and gentle swoop of these arms are perfect.  The $650 price tag, less so. (To be clear, this is reasonably priced, but unless I re-divert my jump rope fund, I just can't swing it.)

While I was at it, I might hang this artwork on the dining room wall, replacing my $12 art.  I would need to replace the white lacquer 80s frame, though, and that would break the bank.

And back in the living room, how about this low slung, vaguely asian, baker coffee table to replace the ottoman I made?  Are you sensing a black and gold theme?  Scale is great, price not bad at under $200.  Only problem?  It is so low slung, my kids would climb all over it and set up fairy houses and Littlest Pet Shop zoos.  One more surface to constantly declutter.

Sometimes I wish that I had been more patient/saved more from my decorating budget for unique pieces.  then I look around and remember almost everything is vintage and unique.

Anything catch your eye lately?