Sew what?

Yesterday I got the day to myself.

My kids went off to an amusement park with their cousins, my husband went off to watch the soccer with my  dad, and I retreated into the icy cold basement for a day of sewing.

That's right, I got a day to myself and I spent it sewing.  In my pajamas.  Listening to the radio.  It was kind of bliss.

I finally actually made the pillow cover for this long lumber pillow in the guest room.  (I was cheating when I showed it to you here.)  You can see I basically just made an extra-long pillow case, with just one seam on the bottom and an open side.  I was going to affix ties or buttons, but this is working just fine.

And I'm loving the big euro square with a bold patterned front and a ticking back.  

Ticking is just one of those things I can't get enough of (along with spindle chairs and linen cafe curtains, it's that little bit of cottage style in me!)  The zipper foot doesn't work on my sewing machine, so instead of a welt I decided to do a flat trim.  I cut 2-inch-wide strips of the ticking on the bias, sewed them together, and pressed them in half.  Then came the geometry problem: how to make the pleated corners I was looking for, in reverse in order to accommodate flipping them right-side out after sewing.  I swear I spent half the day puzzling over this (the internet was down, therefore no tutorials), and while the result is not perfect, I am plenty happy with it.

Pretty, right?

These two new pillows will take turns living on this bed: stripes in the winter, euro square in the summer.  It was jut easier to photograph them together.

Next up: sink skirts for the girl's bathroom.  I got halfway done and had a better idea about a little detail, so I may need to take them apart before moving forward.
Heather Peterson