New Summer Bedding

Why hello there!

It was crazy town for a while there, with the 4th of July, two birthdays and two birthday parties in the span of 6 days.  Yes, my girls are four days apart (well, 2 years and four days), and it means that the beginning of July just sort of disappears off the map around here.  But I'm catching my breath.

Remember my little round up of summer whites?  I was so glad to find "the look for less" at Home Goods.

(Taking up the rug has made room for much larger train set ups).

I am really suspicious about Home Goods, and I usually don't get a cart until I have found what I am looking for.  Every time I am so presumptious as to grab a cart coming in the door, I strike out.  So, naturally, proceeding cartless meant there were 4 separate options of pairs of white twin quilts that I had piled all over the floor.  All at $29 per quilt--a lot better than my favorite from Pottery Barn!

I mixed in some chartreuse striped pillow cases from Ikea.  bought 'em for a client because I loved the button detail, but they are super sweet in here!

How's this for real-life shooting.  Do you see my daughter's hoarded stash by her bed?  Dollars, mini flags from the 4th--there's no telling WHAT you will find down there.

Now I find myself thinking about summer slipcovers for the never seems to end.