Know Thyself

I know what I like.  The individual elements (indian block print, stylized florals, midcentury furniture, statement chandeliers, chinoiserie, global rugs, double gourd lamps in great colors, moroccan embellishments, chartreuse, teal, and orange, pin stitching) and how they are put together (eclectic traditional with a slightly global spin).  To give you a point of reference, this was my favorite room in the current House Beautiful.

Zim Loy via Mrs. Blandings

But something else has snuck up on me.  More masculine interiors.  Quieter spaces.  A more relaxed aesthetic. I think of it as being very California.

I even have a pinterest board called "chill out" and I love the notes that go with the pictures, all of which say something like "My style is more uptight, but maybe if I lived somewhere warm...." Or "Maybe if I were a more casual gal...."

Welcome to my other side:

Via Apartment Therapy home tour

Interestingly, this vibe would totally work with the architecture of my house (high ceilings, huge windows, light woodwork, mostly white walls), and if I had been starting from scratch, who knows?  Maybe we would have done something like this.  My husband really, really, REALLY wants a togo sofa.

Tomorrow, I'll bring you the look for less.
Heather Peterson