Ideas to borrow from the ASID show house

I have two clients on the same block who I have been working with over the course of the last 9 months or so, and on my many drives to their neck of the woods, I have watched the progress on a very old house on a very lovely lot overlooking the very excellent Lake of the Isles.  In a state of 10,000 of 'em, I have to say that as a designer, Lake of the Isles is tops, largely for the stunning mix of architecture and million dollar homes that ring its curvy shape.

Turns out, that old house was one of the first on the lake, and its slow progress the result of the ASID show house.  My mom and I hit the designer showcase today, and while it is mostly not to my taste, there were ideas or materials in every room that got me thinking.

So, herein I present some ideas you could steal.  In the order in which I surreptitiously photographed them with my phone.

Square grommets!  (Oh, and psychedelic wallpaper on the ceiling)

Trim in the same tone as the walls expands the sense of spaciousness while diminishing the sense of architecture, and in a house full of architectural molding, this strategy totally set this office space apart.

Layering a headboard against a bigger headboard.  I might dig it, if not for the silver-gilt molding around the whole shebang.  (That red upholstered bed is to die, though.)

Splatter paint your floor (most apropos in the artist's studio), and graffiti your upholstery.  Even better: make your own.

Hang small scale art from a cord on a hook for a casual look.

Use magnetic paint on panels in the same color as surrounding textural wallpaper.

A graphic mural is always a good thing.  (This is the gift wrapping roo designed by my friend Colleen over at Colleen Fox Interiors.)

Inset contrast color cork stripes in your kitchen floor to effect an area rug

Use tile to create stripes on the walls

Upholster an ottoman in a patchwork of moving blankets.  And surround it with metal mesh bullion-style fringe.

The ASID showhouse is open a few more days here in Minneapolis--details here.

What do you think: any ideas you can use?
Heather Peterson