I love when I am sourcing something relatively straightforward--in this case, a demi-lune console table--and discover something wacky.  Like this partial Ostrich in bright red.

And, I suppose to give you some context, there's this.


You know that the purveyors of such a piece must have a sense of humor.

The product description, with my favorite bit highlighted:

This whimsical wall console, shaped like an ostrich, is made of high pressure laminate in brushed black or glossy bright red.  Diva is shipped in a flat pack and requires minor assembly upon arrival, but think of it as a puzzle for adults.  This console mounts to the wall to add stability.  Manufactured by iBride.

This is not a piece that you could just casually drop in any old space.  But oh, what a statement it would make!
Heather Peterson