Client work: Design Process

I believe it is my job as a designer to help you love your home.

I know there are a lot of big name designers out there who have a recognizable look, and people pay big bucks to have it. That's all fine and good, but I think your home should look like you, not like me.

Because there is no way to predict every single thing that you will love (or every single pet peeve you didn't even know you had about decor), there's a good chance that I will show you lots of things you love--but also the occasional item that you just can't get behind. That's okay. I love when clients bring their ideas--and specific products--to the table. Incorporating something you love that I may not have chosen is an excellent challenge.

Allow me to demonstrate.

I'm working with a lovely new client who found me through the article in the Pioneer Press. (How great is that?) After our initial consultation, I set to work on a budget-friendly plan for her living room, and came back to her with design two directions. (I have found that most people do not subscribe to just ONE style.)

"Fresh Modern"

"Earthy Global"

She loved them both, but alas could choose just one.  She ended up going for the fisrt option, with one big concern: she didn't like the chairs.  She worried that the yellow might be too lemony for her, and wasn't too keen on the mismatched legs  (see what I mean about predicting pet peeves?). She hopped online and found a chair from the same line in a fabric that she DID love. Enter the domino effect: the new pattern fought with the old curtains and matched the green rug binding and garden seat a little too well. A few changes later, and she loves everything.

She's happy, I'm happy.

What do you think: Do you have a favorite?