My Favorite Things

Fellow blogger Ashley at Meet Me in Philadelphia has been featuring some of her favorite things this week, and today she featured favorites from a half dozen other bloggers, including moi.  Check it out here.

Ashley did these posts partly in an effort to appreciate what she has--as bloggers, we tend to write about other peoples amazing homes and stuff, and it can lead to too much wanting.  Instead of wanting new this week, I loved looking around my house and focusing in on all the things I already have that I love.  I'm almost 37 (!!!) which means I have had time to collect, and in addition to my own purchases, I have been the lucky recipient of some great gifts and hand me downs over the years.  As a result, I had a hard time narrowing down just one favorite thing for Ashley, and I thought I'd share a few more here.

1. Gold pig bank

My husband gave this to me for my birthday 6 years ago.  (Metallic gold is my favorite color.  Other birthday gifts have included crackled gold metallic leather stack heeled mary janes from Sigerson Morrison and a vintage gold chain-mail belt!)  Also, bacon is my favorite food.  Well, maybe I've grown out of it, but for a long time bacon was always in the list of top 5 favorite foods.  So i guess this bank is like gilded bacon, in a way.

A couple of years later, my best friend Marni was presenting me with a gift at her bridal shower, which I hosted.  Marni told the crowd how hard it had been to find just the right thing for me, but that one day, she took the elevator up to the housewares floor at Saks, and it was like the heavens opened up and shone starlight down on the Perfect. Present.  Guess what it was?

Yup, gold pig number two.  I guess it just SCREAMS me.

2. Modern murano glass bowl

This one was a gift, too, from my cousin Connor.  My fabulous cousin who came to New York and lived with me for the summer when he was 17, so he could take classes at FIT.  That summer sealed the deal and he is a life-long New Yorker (even as I have moved on.)  I can't remember what this was a present for--perhaps just because?--but I love the unexpected colors.  I've always used it to hold shells and stones that I've collected on random travels.  It has been a number of places in a number of homes, but currently lives in the guest room, next to a little frame my Mom bought for me at an artist fair in Arizona.

3. Silhouette of Clio

I made silhouettes of the girls, but Clio made me this one for me, in school, for mother's day.  I love that it is big and sort of wonky, and that the 3 year old who refused to have her picture taken allowed herself to be captured this way, instead.  Currently in the powder room.

4. Small wooden vases

A souvenir of a trip to Costa Rica--Dave and my first big trip together--purchased from a small, side-of-the-road type shop.

5. Turkish Rug

I bought this at Riverwalk Antiques in Minneapolis a dozen or more years ago.  I love it because it was such a "grown up" purchase, one of the first for my first "grown up" apartment, and that it shows that I have had interesting taste (and a good eye) all along.  I also love that it came from a shopping trip with my Aunt Eileen, who is a kindred spirit in all things home and DIY.  Currently in the guest room.

6.  Painting from my seven year old self

I remember being so very proud of this painting!  I also remember the mistake that required whiteout--quite visible three decades later when the paper has yellowed!  The fact that my parents framed it is so sweet.  We also entered it into the Dakota County fair, and I walked away with a blue ribbon.  I love having it in my girls' room now!

Okay, I could go on and on.  And actually, this process has made me realize that there is a box in the basement labeled "objects" and full of other wonderful things.  Maybe I will dig it up....I've been thinking in particular about a pair of brass book ends--chinoiserie koi fish--a gift from Eileen.

Even if you don't share it with anyone, I highly recommend this exercise of looking around your home and relishing the meaningful things you have collected over the years!

Heather Peterson