Art You Can Afford: Society 6

More and more of these affordable-prints sites are cropping up.

From what I gather, Society 6 is not curated the way many are, and rather than produce a limited-edition run, they print on demand.  In addition to art prints or stretched canvases, a number of the images are available as iphone or laptop covers, t-shirts, and other products.  Because any artist can submit to sell their work here, it feels a bit more like etsy--some great stuff, but also lots of less-great stuff to wade through.

Interestingly, I found myself turned off by the images that were available to be printed in every format--it almost felt like the prints that were only prints had the most integrity, and I almost wished the site was divided by "art prints" and "graphic design".  But that may just be the curatorial degree rearing its (ugly?) head.

All that said, here are my top picks:
(note: because these are all available in multiple sizes and price points, I'm providing links to each item, but not writing in price points or other information here.  Click the picture to take you to the site.  Most prints start under $20 and top out under $100.)

Hotel Art Print

Pull Art Print

Tree Rings Art Print

Pattern Art Print

Exit 42 @ the Continental Divide Art Print

Dear Deer Art Print

Pontoon Art Print

La Bizarre Singerie Art Print

Deception Art Print

Sea Recollection Art Print

There are tons of great choices for kids spaces, too.
Do you have a favorite?