Art You Can Afford: Rockin Prints from Dan Stiles

It's Monday and I'm jumping right in.

Remember how Domino Magazine used to share awesome sources for cool artwork?  At one point they featured an artist (or collective) that made awesome posters for bands, and I remember tearing it out of the magazine for my music-and-art-loving husband (then boyfriend).  I needed it the other day for a client of a similar ilk, but of course can't find it.  Long story short, a lot of googling led me to the site of artist Dan Stiles, who creates some pretty cool posters for some pretty cool bands.

Decemberists castle

(This is a friend's brother's band, so even if it WASN'T and awesome image of a girl blowing skull bubbles, I would still have to include it)

Butthole Surfers
New Pornographers


The posters are mostly in the $25 range--not too bad for a big piece of colorful goodness.

To be honest, I tend to be a purist about posters and other ephemera, and I wouldn't generally buy a poster from an event I did not attend, but Dan's got you covered with non-event-specific art prints, too.

Some faves:


Circus, 16.5 x 24, signed and numbered edition of 30, $50


Duet, 18x22, signed and numbered edition of 100, $50

Tall Ship-AP
Tall Ship, 17.5x23, signed and numbered edition of 30, $50

So, do you need some intense color in your life and your home?  Which is your favorite?