Two tone cabinets and Martha Stewart hardware for Home Depot

First, thanks for all your kind comments yesterday.  I hope it didn't sound like I was being a drama queen!  Writing that post, I was alone in the house for the first time since the break in and I was feeling nervous.

But back to work, right?  I'm working on an awesome living room and dining room, and got to hare some of the details with the homeowner last evening.  The kitchen is getting a little refresher as a bonus.  New wall color, new window treatments, and most dramatically, new cabinet treatments.  We're going for something serene and soothing but naturally we want it to feel interesting and dynamic.  To accomplish this, we'll be painting the upper cabinets a lovely, creamy off white, and the lower cabinets will get a pretty green with a healthy bit of blue in it, and brassy knobs and pulls will brighten it all up.

Here are some beautiful inspiration images for this cabinet approach.


Tobi Fairley

Traditional Home

Cottage Living

The Lettered Cottage

And two with contrasting islands--same kind of idea.

Barry Dixon in House Beautiful


And have you seen the Martha Stewart line of hardware for Home Depot?  There aren't a ton of pieces, but I was really drawn to them all.  In the end, I think we'll put these knobs on the cabinets--the oval shape is so elegant--and these pulls on the drawers.

Pretty, no?