A colorful living room refresher

I'm working on a living room and dining room that is currently filled with hand me downs, and the result is pretty drab.  You'll love this: the wife has been wanting to decorate, but the husband thought it was fine...until he saw an episode of HGTV'd where David Bromstad is working on an outdoor space but just HAS to do something about the living room which he describes as "beige upon beige upon beige upon brown."  A pretty accurate description for the current state of this living room.

So, with color and pattern (And a tight budget) the name of the game, I came up with this.

The left side are the new pieces/changes to the dining room, the right side is (self evidently) the living room.  They can't invest in the big pieces right now (so no lovely grey couch or grey velvet drapes), but they want to take step one towards this new space.  We're meeting up today to talk about strategic projects and purchases to get some color into their lives stat.

Can't wait to share some before and afters once we get moving!