Put a bird on it

I was sourcing a new finial for a Home Goods lamp for a client's guest bedroom (the finial broke, I got $5 knocked off the price, plus a custom finial will elevate the lamp), and I stumbled upon some cray-zay lamp toppers.  Seashells, weathervanes, cats and dogs.  Oh, and the Christmas and Halloween finials really take seasonal decorating to a new place.  But the one that stood out for me the most is this dove.

It has real feathers.

Even if I wanted a bird of this scale and with real feathers, I can't imagine a single lamp that could take it.  Any ideas?  Don't get me wrong, I'm ALL for birds in decor, and especially into those birdcage chandys with birds like this one.  But sitting in the middle of a lamp shade?  I just don't see it.

This place also has some lovely decorative finials in a more traditional mode.  Here are the actual two that I'm considering:

The lamp in question is sort of taupe ceramic with a lavender undertone with a taupey silk shade, all in a vaguely Chinoiserie shape.  There are deeper purples around the room, including some HOT purple leather I got for a bargain--it's going on the seat of the existing desk chair.

There's a Chinoiserie chest in the room, too, with brass pulls.  That brass finial might be just a bit TOO overtly Asian.

Any votes?

All finials, lampfinials.com
Heather Peterson