Well, of course nothing is every REALLY finished, right?

But my guest room is done for now.  Except for adding classic navy ticking to the roller shade, a la this awesome image from Melissa Rufty.

But for now, I sewed the trim to the curtains and I LOVE the added detail--feels very finished. 

I also made some pillowcases for the second set of pillows, using a raspberry floral fabric I picked up ages ago for about $6.

So here's the overall look now.

I'm sure you are sick to death of seeing this room, but you've come this far with it, I thought you should see the (almost) final state.

It also got me to thinking about how rooms evolve and sometimes you can't force them to be something other than what they want to be.  In this case, I was trying to force the room to be a little more modern, a little more funky, bringing in that multi color ikat on a throw pillow, thinking about bolder fabrics.  But the truth is, this room wants to be pretty.  It kept pulling a little bit, I don't know, French?  And with the floral shams and the frenchy bolster (swiped from the girls' room), I finally gave in.

What do you think?