"Senegalese Storage" the Ikea way

Everyone is going ga ga for Serena and Lily's Senegalese storage baskets, and I will admit, I'm joining the hype.  After the prevalence of African stools and textiles such as kuba cloth over recent years, African baskets seem like a natural trend, especially when done up in such fun colors.

Senegalese Storage Baskets - Pink/Yellow
Senegalese Storage Baskets - Navy/Green
Senegalese Storage Baskets - Aqua/Orange
Available here.  Only problem (can you guess?)  The price tag.

Amber over at Amber interiors took matters into her own hands when she found a similarly-shaped basket at Home Goods, and improvised with tape and spraypaint.

Pretty cute, right?  (Tutorial, here.)

When I first saw the Serena and Lily version, I was immediately reminded of the Asunden collection at Ikea.

ÅSUNDEN Basket, set of 3, dark gray
While they don't come in a large storage size, the type of weaving and the shape of the lidded bins gives the same feeling.  I bought the group of three (above) back in the fall, and have been using the smaller ones to hold toilet paper in two of our bathrooms (there's no closed storage), and the lidded one for trash in our master bath--love that it's covered!  There are also these bath accessories:

ÅSUNDEN Basket with lid, set of 2, dark gray

And this individual lidded basket

ÅSUNDEN Basket with lid, dark gray Diameter: 10 ¼ " Height: 6 "  Diameter: 26 cm Height: 15 cm
The best part?  The set of 3 is $34.99, the pair of bath accessories is $9.99, and the lidded basket is just $6.99.