The Pouf Solution

Now that my living room is mostly pulled together, I go back and forth between feeling like I can just be done for a while and feeling like I really need to figure out the extra-seating-in-front-of-the-fireplace problem.  For those of you new to the blog, I was feeling that leather poufs would be ideal but, lacking the funds, I set out to find another solution, like floor pillows.  After researching all these little square ottomans, I thought I would just make some.  In fact, I asked my mom to save clothes that would otherwise go to goodwill so I could use them for stuffing.  (Although my research also suggests that the ideal stuffing for leather poofs is garbage bags.  Lots, and lots of garbage bags.)  I figured I could make the square ones with the stitching on the outside edges of the seams.  I was even thinking about giving fabric dye another go round.

Well guess what?  Better Homes and Gardens went me one better.  In the current issue feature, 50 changes under $50 (which featured a number of my fave bloggers, including Jenny and Gabrielle), they showed some DIY burlap poufs.

Sew This Hot Accent Today

How perfect are those?  There are full instructions on the website, here.  I will be tackling this, well, after I paint the girls room.  And create art for the upstairs hallway.  And sew pillows for the guest room.  And so and and so forth.  The best part is, if they don't end up feeling right for the living room, they will be great in the girls' room.  Win, win.

But when I finally take it on, I'll tell you all about it.  Is it a deal?