West Elm: My picks from the new collection

I'll admit it: I have kind of a love-hate relationship with West Elm.  I never have success when I go to the actual store, I think their furniture is, by and large, uncomfortable, badly made, and over priced (hmmmm... laying the groundwork for future blog sponsorship), but I do think they do an amazing job with accessories, accent furniture, and textiles.  They manage to be very fresh and current without feeling too trendy.  When they send me emails about what's new, I actually open them.  Such was the case last week.  There's some good new stuff.  Ready for my picks?

Plaid Quilt + Shams

I've really been loving small-scale checks (remember the lampshade fabric for the guest room?)  This grey and white palette feels fresh enough to work in a masculine or feminine setting, and of course I love the quilting and the way they styled it against a navy wall.

Metal Truss Work Table

This table reminds me a bit of the World Market campaign desk I put in Melissa's living room plan, but I love how airy and delicate the metal legs are.

Tribal Jute Rug 2'x3', Red/Black

The almost-African pattern on these new woven rugs feels just right.

Discord Vases

I am 100% in love with these vases, especially the big one.  I was just thinking that I needed pieces that were a little off-kilter, I'm such a squarer of corners and believer in symmetry (or balanced asymmetry.)  They're even called "Discord vases," and while I don't need any more discord in my life, I could use just a touch more of it in my decorating.

Colored Pure Egg Vases

And then on the other hand, the appeal of perfect symmetry, perfectly gorgeous colors, and the exact right finish to the surface.  These are called "egg vases," and are, appropriately, teeny.

Nature Sun Print Dessert Plates

Have you ever used a sun print kit?  I gave one to my husband for his birthday once.  I love the application here, and if I was in the market for some china (I decidedly am not), I would LOVE to pair these with my royal Copenhagan Blue Fluted Mega. 

It would be such an organic counterpoint to the graphic pattern of the china, but the equally saturated blues would balance nicely.  I may not set the table with them together, but the West Elm ones would be such an unexpected grace note for dessert.

Have you seen the new collection?  Any favorites that I skipped?

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Oddly enough, I can't share the prices on these because the day I was browsing their site, the prices were coming up in an unknown currency and everything numbered in the thousands. Weird, right?

Happy Monday!