Vintage Finds

Okay, locals.  The new Jobs Foundation auctions are up and running, and there are a few gems among the medical devices and other madness.  Inspection day is FRIDAY for both auctions, and they close Monday and Wednesday of next week.  Just sayin.  The bad news is, these auctions seem to be catching on.  Right now, while plenty is still only 5 bucks or so, I actually saw a dresser inching towards $60, which is a LOT on a site where cars sometimes go for under a grand.

Anyway.  I'm kind of liking this bad boy more than the campaigner for the girls room.  Check out the hardware and the great little detail on the legs.

I continue to love blocky dressers with blocky pulls.

Hmmmm.....I like the idea of incorporating this craziness into a gallery wall.

I'm actually contemplating one of these for a guest room I'm working on.  There's a pair.  I love the sleek lines and the three-button back.  (And the price tage: currently $13.)

Okay, I LOVE this dresser.  I generally don't go for more rustic pieces, but something about those PULLS and the random rope handles on the side are really doin' it for me right about now.

Uh, oh.  Here comes my granny moment.  The tufting looks perfect on this (though it would be much more fun in a hot fabric.  Maybe a modern flamestich, like on this chair?)

And the bamboo tables are SO Florida, I love it.

Another piece I'm kind of considering.  The frame looks pretty nice, and I like the folk arty vibe.   But where would I put it?

And finally....RUN don't walk to snag this lucite table!  At 18 inches high, it could make a good coffee table or (sacrilege?) kids table or desk.  This one is hotly contested though, with about 7 bids to date driving the price all the way to $45.  I'll be curious to see where it ends.

Oh.  And, the piece de resistance.

Could you?  Would you?  If my house was a completely different style than it is, I'd be tempted to get this, in all its glory.

Any favorite finds lately?  If you're NOT local to the Twin Cities, do you have an awesome resource like this where you live?  Tell me all about it!  OH, and if you think any of these picks are hideous (I can see how some could be contentious), tell me that, too!