Art Wall like Kudzu

I'm a huge fan of the Art Wall, no surprise.  I did a tutorial way back when, before I even had this blog and the decorating posts were taking over the mom blog.  In addition to the new one in my bedroom, I recently installed this one, and this one, and my daughter got in the action with this one, and hey, I'm finishing up an installation in Mendota Heights City Hall today.  Pictures to come on that.

I think this is one of the quickest ways to bring personality to a space and to conquer a large wall, like this one in my office.

But I wonder when one crosses the border into too much of a good thing?

More Apartment Therapy references.  This London home was featured last week, and I found myself completely fascinated by the way they have incorporated their collections into their home.  (I also find this useful as I am working with someone with AMAZING collections from all over the world, displayed in her home).

And I'm kind of digging the way the gallery wall has just taken the kitchen....

And I can admire the way the installation kind of masks practical things, like the spice rack.

But at the same time, I'm a maximalist who likes a little breathing room for the eye every now and again.  Amazing how three pictures in a hallway feel so loose and breezy after the density in the kitchen.

What do you think:  Art on the cabinets, yay or nay?

Art without borders, love it or hate it?