Little Miss Muffet gets an upgrade

Pottery Barn now makes a tuffet.

Swear to god.  A TUFFET.  And it's faux-shearling.

To be honest, I think its kind of cute, though it also kind of looks like it belongs in a bathroom--doesn't it kind of look like terry cloth?

What, you ask, is the difference between a tuffet, a poof, and an ottoman?  Well, I will tell you.

An ottoman is a cushioned footstoll or a low cushioned seat without back or arms.  A pouf is a broad, backless, usually round cushioned seat.  And a tuffet is a low stool, seat, or mound.  Same, same.

And because I was an english major and love me some OED, let me take this one step further.  Tuffet is from the old french touffe for little tuft.  According to the dictionary, tuffet is "obsolete, except for in the rhyme Little Miss Muffet."  Way to go Pottery Barn, bringing the tuffet back!  Is this just a ploy for originality?  Or can someone see some other reason not to call this thing a pouf?  What's next, do you think: the hassock?

Clearly, I still have poofs on the brain.  It is still someone related to my ottoman project, which is coming along and which, I swear, I will share soon.