The Foam Home

I did a google search yesterday for "Twin Cities Foam," which sounds a little dirty somehow, and I found something amazing to share with you.  (Why was I looking for foam dealers?  Glad you asked.  My usual source sells it in sheets that are just 2 feet wide, and the cocktail table that will one day be an ottoman is 38 inches wide. I thought I had it all wrapped up when I bought a full size mattress topper from Target, but the foam was WAY WAY too thin, and the piece was not quite big enough to fold in half.)  But as usual, I digress.

There is a house north of Minneapolis that has recently come on the market for the first time since it was built in the 60s.  This house is made out of foam.  In addition to the house's website, I found articles on Fox news (of course) about the craziness of this house.  They mention that the locals have been dying to see the inside of the place for decades, and I picture them showing up en masse for the first open house, like it was New York City circa 2004.  One of the locals is quoted as saying something about how the house is "so 60s, it blows your mind."

I am amazed, yet again, at how relevant the decor is (if not the foam).  We're still really going at this era, aren't we?  Even down to the light fixtures, bedding, and gallery wall.

You can see many more images, including construction shots, here.  You can read the Fox article here.  And If you feel so inspired, I believe the house is still on the market.  Asking price: $237,000.

I wonder if it comes with the furnishings.