Flashback Friday: Master with the Mister

Love That Space: Park Slope row house master bedroom, 2004-2009

The Look: Pared-down Chinoiserie

The elements: It feels like everything in this room has a story.  It took a few tries to get the orange paint right, and I remember painting three coats listening to Kings of Convenience until midnight.  The headboard is from an awesome set my parents bought in California in the 70s (is that right mom?  Or did you get it when you moved here?)  Somehow I got it into the back of my little old Jetta and drove it cross country on New Year's Eve.  The dressers are horrible country pine pieces from Ikea that I spraypainted black IN THE BASEMENT, and sprayed the iron-look hardware gold (look).  I found the lamps with my mom on my first-ever trip to Home Goods.  The gold piggy bank was a birthday present from my husband and--get this--my dear friend Marni bought it for me, too, as a wedding gift!  I guess I'm just a gold-dipped piglet kind of a girl.
The hotel bedding was from our wedding registry.

The Huh? Factor: Umm....Well.  The nude above the bed is a drawing of me.  Pregnant with my older daughter (though you can't really tell because it's a tush shot.)  And the thing is HUGE.  And normally this would not strike me as strange in a private room like the "master," but this is the unavoidable view from the top of the stairs, right next to the only bathroom.  So if you came to my house and you had to use the facilities, you also had to see a drawing of my ass.

The Analysis:  I love that this room looks grown up and polished without being staid and boring.  It is the shared bedroom in the first house my husband and I chose together.  Orange is both of our favorite color (my engagement ring has an orange stone), and I love that we chose it for our walls.  This is the room where my husband proposed to me.  This is the room where I sat to call my parents and tell them I was pregnant, and where, 9 months later, I labored with both my daughters.  This is the room where we said good-bye to Brooklyn, and set out in search of the rest of our lives.  Apparently, I am very emotional about this room.

What remains:  You just saw the duvet cover and pillowcases in the guest room.  The headboard and dressers are in our current bedroom, as is pretty much everything ON those dressers.  Oh, and the little Dwell Studio for Target throw pillow, too.  The lamps are in the basement--I love them, but they're just way too traditional for this house.  This also feels like the room where I figured out how to put things together in a pretty, grown up way, and ever since then I've gotten less and less restrained.

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