Clio's Art Wall

This weekend, my 4 year old played "art gallery" with her 7 year old cousin at my mom's house.

I drew a couple of "faux bois" wood frames,

and Clio used those mixed in with some "stretch canvases."  After busily drawing for a while, she announced she needed the tape, then proceeded to hang the installation herself, except for the top edge of the higher pieces, which required the long arm of a grownup.  Namely, me.

I had nothing to do with the layout, I was really just a tape applicator.  All in all, I'm quite impressed by my budding little artist and curator--I'd say she's a natural!

Oh, and in case you're confused about what you're looking at, this is my mom's 4-season porch, and that brown vinyl cover is over a hot tub (which hasn't functioned in years).  The glass windows look into the kitchen.  And that framed poster of some koi probably went in as a placeholder 20 years ago, and there it is today.  Isn't it amazing how that happens to us all?

Do your kids take after you when it comes to their play and activities?