Art You Can Afford: Artspace

There's a new source for artist's editions in town:

Like some of the other outlets for less-expensive art, they offer limited edition prints in different sizes at tiered prices.  But they also bring in guest curators, partner with non profit arts institutions, and a portion of all proceeds go back to their partners, with the goal of sustaining a global cultural community and art that speaks to the important issues of our time.  To which I say: rad.

If you like your shopping with a bit of learning, you can read Q+As with the guest curators, or read up on all things art on their--you guessed it--blog.

As for the buying, you can search by price, medium, or collections (by theme or curator).
Keeping to the "under $250" category, here are my current picks:

Nick Cave, Soundsuit # 3, 12 x 17, $200
 (but don't you kind of want this in the 42 x 60 size?  Yours for only $3,000.  Oops, the title of this post no longer applies!)

Kara Maria, Counterpassant, 12 x 17, $100

Don Cooper, Beginning/Ending, 12 x 17 $100

Clare Rojas, Untitled 2, 17 x 24, $175

Rebekka Guioleifsdotter, From The Earth, 12 x 17, $100

Rebecca Graham, Jumbo, 12 x 17, $100

Kind of makes me want to start over with the art around here.  To read more about the artists or see more of their work, go on over to

What do you think: do you have a favorite?  Where would you put it, and with what?  Did you see something awesome on the site that I missed?  Tell me about it!