Flashback Friday: One bedroom, two ways

Love That Space: Park Slope bedroom, 1999, 2001

The Vision: Bedouin Boudoir

The Elements: embroidered white and mirrored Morrocan coverlet, overscale mirrors, and cane back chairs, all from the flea market; pair of his-and-hers genie lamps from ebay; a Moroccan lantern from the ABC Carpet and home outlet, wired as a chandelier; my grandmother's bedside table and chinoiserie table; my mother's brass tray (version 1) and a swan photograph by my friend Greg Federman (version 2--he also shot our wedding); huge jade plant, persian rugs, and the ubiquitous bamboo blinds.

The Huh? Factor: None. Or all? It's all prett-y coordinated, so nothing jumps out. No sore thumbs here. But really, did it need to be so coordinated? I'd like to see these elements pulled apart and re-matched with other stuff I have now.

The Analysis: I fell in love with that coverlet, and though it was from a vendor from one of the back-street flea markets in NYC, it was still a splurge for me back then. I remember debating and debating and finally buying it. It served me well for YEARS, and I still have it (I think I'd like to use it to recover a headboard some day.) I think it inspired a little morocco madness in me though, and things maybe got a little theme? The second version was a bit softer--the walls a pale pink, those embroidered pillows, that lantern--but still kind of going for it.

What Remains: This room is full of regretsies. I wish I had not sold that brass tray, especially since it doesn't take up a whole lot of space. Also, the lamps. The lamps!!! I love them. They were a steal on ebay, and I sold them at a stoop sale when the hubs moved in. Also, my nonny's bedside tables. I just couldn't use them in the next house and didn't have room to store them. But I would paint them and change the fabric in the doors--good as new. The only thing I'm actually using from this room now is one of the turkish rugs--it's in the guest room. The other one went back to the "mom store" from whence it came. I should do a while post of the awesome hand me downs from my mom.....

For some reason, this particular room feels like a long time ago.

Feel like flashing back? Send me a room you loved and lost!