And just like that

Headboards the world round got an inferiority complex.

[Belle Escape, via Lonny]

Okay, really this isn't usually my kind of thing. It's even called "Garden Cottage Painted Headboard" and nothing about my style has ever been called "garden" or "cottage." Ever.

And yet. I immediately felt like I would like to start some room over and build it around this. With much simpler, paired down, even masculine bedding and sort of rustic swedish dressers and an overstuffed chair in an oversized check. Weird that I'm going there.

I'm pretty sure I could DIY the finish...and the floral paint details...but the little sculptural birds? Alas, I think not. (Though my brain did just remember some gorgeous curtain rod finials with little bronze birds on them from some long-ago issue of Domino, and I find myself thinking, not for the first time, that if only I knew how to weld....)