Hanging Art: The Row

I'm already bored with this series.  Maybe I should have just done one post that rounded up my favorite strategies with a couple of pics a pieces and boom!  Done.

OR maybe it's just that this strategy ("The row") is the most self-explanatory.  Have group of images, hang them up all in a row.

I think I have only ever used this plan when I already had a group of pieces to work with, like the hunting prints in The Ann Cave, above.  (photographing the whole of that project SOON!  Can't wait to share.)  In this basement, I wanted to create a horizon line to keep the eye moving around the room and detract from low ceilings, connect the couch and chair, and make sense of the window.  It also makes sense with the wall of shiplap to the left.

Same deal in this (impossible to photograph) office.  The client had these beautiful watercolors, and again the line connects the furniture grouping on that wall.

In this bathroom, I wanted art but I didn't want to hide too much of the wallpaper.  I rarely ever hang a pair of pictures side by side (I much prefer to stack them), but here the concept of the row creates a horizontal at eye level, in nice relief to the vertical elements in the room.

That's all I got on that!

Heather Peterson