On being published*

Nearly a decade ago, not long after my husband and I moved into our row house in a nowhere neighborhood in South Brooklyn, a friend from work came to a party we threw--I forget the occasion.  I remember her parting words, though, quoting our mutual friend and colleague, a woman with impeccable taste who had recently been to our new digs: "Oh, Sarah said it looks just like a magazine."

Now, to be fair, it truly didn't, though it did have something authentic going on.  (See here and here and here.)  But I think on that night, this seed was planted.  For years I had lived with a roommate who worked for Metropolitan Home Magazine and wrote design books for Pottery Barn, but it never occurred to me that a "regular person" could have their home published--that I could have my home in print.  Until Maureen uttered those words: Sarah said.

Of course, nowadays there are a million more opportunities for "regular people" to be published.  The internet abounds with home tours.  It's fun that we get to peek inside so many homes, so many styles.  But there is still something irresistible about a glossy magazine.  (I LOVE shelter magazines and have forever.)  So when my home came out in Minneapolis St Paul Home & Design magazine last week, I was feeling all the feels (as they say in the interwebs.)

I believe the piece will eventually be online in some form, and we are working on the press section of the new website where we will include proper scans so the article is legible, but for now, here are snaps of the 4 spreads.  (Also, if you want a copy--I'm looking at you, dad--you can order here.)

Of course, now I'm like a print-magazine addict and hope this will be the first of many wonderful pieces on my projects!

A girl can dream.

-- Heather

* A note on the post title.  For years I wrote a "mom blog," and whever I was feeling particularly reflective, the post was "On" the topic.  It felt apropos here.
Heather Peterson