Blogging and Instagram

Before I was on instagram, a number of bloggers I followed started posting less to their blogs.  They blamed instagram.  At the time, I thought that seemed silly: as a "words" person, I thought I would never want to give up the story element of blogging.

Guess what?  I have been on instagram a little over a year now, and it has definitely hastened the further slow down of posts over here.  When I started this blog, I had so much to say.  It was my primary creative outlet, a learning tool as I built my design skills, and a marketing tool as I built my client network.   Without a portfolio, it allowed potential clients to get a taste of my style, and perhaps just as importantly, a sense of my personality and process.  Now, my primary creative outlet is my actual design work, and I think my work speaks for itself.  Now, my wonderful clients refer me to friends and family in just the right measure to keep me pretty darn busy.  If you've read this blog for a while, you know my photography skills are not the best, and instagram, with its filters, makes it easy for my work to shine.

Blogging is also a lot of work!  And as the comments and page views dried up, it felt like a lot of work sent into a void.  Fewer people are reading blogs, and the opportunities to network across blogs to reach new readers also seem to have shriveled.  On instagram, hashtags allow  me to reach out to new folks who might like what I am sharing.  (Though frankly I am far from savvy about this and my numbers there are still very, very small.)

But then, the other day, @designfreak commented on one of my instagram posts that she missed me blogging.  Since then, Instagram has changed how posts come through the feed, and fewer people are seeing what I share.  It got me thinking about coming back over here.

So, for the handful of you reading this, will you help me out?  Let me know which kind of posts you liked most or find that you miss.  I'll make it easy with some multiple choice.

I, reader of Love Your Space, would love to see more:

1) Design process posts (floor plans, design boards, etc)
2) Before and after posts (of course, I have been doing those!)
3) Design commentary
4) Fantasy moodboards (i.e. design boards that aren't for clients)
5) DIY projects or ideas
6) Product round ups
7) other!  (please specify)

And of course, for snippets of my work, my life, and the little things that catch my eye, do follow me on instagram.


Heather Peterson