The Happy Hallway Gets Happier

If you have been following this blog for a while, you know that I went through MANY different thoughts and ideas for the upstairs hallway.  In fact, I think that darn hallway has gotten more dedicated posts on the blog than any other single subject!  A year ago I finally settled on a plan--and I never really showed you the results.

This weekend, the stairwell got some attention, and the "happy hallway" got even happier.

Here is where I posted about the long process to get to the plan of 100 silly or sentimental family photos.  And here is where I blogged about possibilities for the overall treatment.

Way Before:


And now:
Striped grasscloth, red frames with white mats.

photos Melissa Oholendt

photo by me, obviously, because it's terrible.

And here's what's new:

I bought a vintage brass chandelier for a steal oh, about FOUR years ago.  I waited patiently until my husband decided he was ready to tackle electric projects.  We thought about using it in the laundry room or an upstairs bedroom, but there wasn't enough clearance.  I finally realized that the stairwell was the perfect spot for it--but then we had to figure out how to get UP there.

Looks like a terrible plan, right?  Obviously the installed chandelier is a bit of a spoiler: it worked!

Action shots:

Putting in the 24 (!!) light bulbs.  Dave thought I should "have some of the fun."  (I am still in yoga clothes from a class earlier, and my arms were not happy about the lightbulbs after a million high planks.)  Not looking forward to the first bulb that burns out.

Meanwhile, I was at Ikea recently and they had a "last chance" on the red Ribba frames in the 5x7 size, so I panicked and bought them all.  Naturally.  I taped up some 8x10 paper to mock up the arrangement.

For these, I used color photos, all from our recent trip to Louisville so there is a color palette and theme.

Hooray!  Happy, happy hallway.

Of course, all of this was supposed to make me want a stair runner less.  But it makes me want one more.

Now, about that flushmount.....